Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 2

I feel like most blogs are supposed to start on Day 1 of some awesome personal journey that is meant to inspire and encourage others to do the same.  But, really, I’m just here to post about some really awesome stuff in my life. Recipes, WODs, you know... regular things in the life of someone who strives to "eat like an animal, train like a beast."  So, that said, this blog begins on Day 2 of my journey to a paleo “eat like an animal” way of life.  And really, it’s well into the “train like a beast” phase (I started CrossFit in May 2012).  Here's the earliest pic I could find of myself (I'm on the right with the crazy red hair and ridiculously huge mug of vodka) prior to changing my life around. I figure we have lots of time to go into the who, what, when, where, why, and how of "paleo," so let's skip that now and move on to why this blog is here (and what I ate for lunch today).

I should also start off by saying that allopathic medicine is not my favorite thing, despite (because of?) the fact that I work in a hospital.  I look at some of the folks who come in there and think, “Hey, I’m 27, I better get cracking on this taking care of my body thing.  I want to be able to pick up my dentures when they fall on the ground.”  This blog is an attempt to hold myself accountable to noting benchmarks in my diet and my level of fitness, and to keep track of how I'm going to use food and fitness to combat some of the chronic health issues I have so I don't end up like the people who come to my hospital.

And yes, I'm a girl, despite the Carl thing.  My in-laws call me Carl for short... short for Carly... don't ask.

So, after that brief introduction about why I'm here and what I want to do, here’s my first “recipe.” I’m not really in to reading and following recipes. I just kinda throw stuff in the pan and hope for the best.  I will say, however, that order of operations is key, and so for that reason, I’ve decided to write this down. (Also I’m tired of trying to tell people how to make things at the office, and have them say “Just email it to me!”… don’t think I’ve remembered to do that even once…).

Moroccan Slaw with Shrimp and Cashews

mmmmmmmm yummy
You will need:  1.5 tsp of coconut oil, 1 diced shallot – fry these babies up til they turn translucent (not on high heat)

then add: 1 bag of broccoli slaw (could sub cabbage slaw I guess, but make sure it’s plain old veggies, no mayo or other stuff) and cook til it’s a little wilty but still crisp, and while still cooking…

throw on top: 2 tsp of moroccan spices, available at most grocery stores.

mix it up, toss it around, put a lid on the frying pan for a few minutes and keep some moisture in there.  After about 5 minutes of cooking, VOILA INSTANT AMAZING EASY DISH!

For the shrimp: bring a pot of water to boil, add a bit of salt or other spices to taste, cook for about 4 minutes or until they turn super pink.

Throw cashews on top. Or wherever, or whatever nuts you please (I'm gonna leave that one alone...)

And literally you’re done.  Now eat that tasty dish, and make all the people in your office jealous that you’re eating a ridiculously awesome lunch… Paleo style "Lean Cuisine" mmmm, so much better than that frozen crap in the community office refrigerator.


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