My Two Cents

For my purposes on this blog, I will outright admit that I am not a strict or 100% paleo adherent. It's nearly impossible to do this with my current situation in life. In fact, I can't think of any any situation in which 100% paleo would make sense for me. Health issues, budget, time constraints all play a part. But I will say that I approach every time I eat with paleo in mind. I am well aware when I am "cheating" or being "unpaleo" and I keep track of those times, so they don't add up and overwhelm my body and my health.

I have a history of lactose intolerance, though I do occasionally eat full fat dairy in a latte (my biggest nonpaleo weakness) and I also eat grassfed dairy in the form of butter. I eat goat cheese since it isn't lactose dairy (goat milk doesn't have the same sugars as cow milk and thus I can digest it). I rarely eat any grains, but when I do, it's usually a blueberry scone from Starbucks. But I draw the line there. All grains give me a headache and that blueberry scone always makes me pay shortly after eating it. I add maple syrup to my coffee. Yes it's added sugar, but dammit it's my coffee. I also eat some starches like squash and occasional sweet potatoes.

So am I paleo? Yeah, mostly. Am I the poster child for paleo? Most definitely not. But I'm happy with where I am in my diet. I love the food I eat. I love knowing it's making me strong and keeping my curves. That's the most important part about paleo to me to be honest.  You have to be happy with the choices you make at the end of the day whenever you decide to change the way you eat. Otherwise, it's just a "diet" in the end. And those never last.


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